April 13, 2013

Beach side living in Sydney

Every time Mr Lee and I visit a beach here in Sydney, we always think "Wouldn't it be great to live by a beach? Why don't we just move?". Then we get all excited and I jump on the computer, searching for beach side apartments, only to get discouraged at the rental prices. Shut down the browser and humph...decide to stay where we are.
It's not like we are sick of our place, we love our lofty feeling apartment situated close by cafes and restaurants and great lil shops, but because we have lived in Sydney for over 2 years now, we really should make the most of what there is to offer in this beautiful city.

We went for a run from Coogee beach to Bondi beach (and return) today. When I say run, I would have to say it was more of a run-jog-walk-run-jog-walk type deal as I have been so out of practice since completing City-to-Surf competition last year. Along the way, through the huff and puff, I managed to capture some pics on the good ol' phone cam when the sun had started setting, and you know what? I think Mr Lee and I will have to suck it up, rearrange our thinking and really consider moving beach side. I mean come on... views like this, coupled with the refreshing sea air and beautiful sunsets is just ridiculous. There are opportunities to make them right at our doorstep, so why not try it out right?

To be honest I was a bit disorientated during the run so I don't quite remember 100% where each beach is, so hope I got each location caption below... right! hehe.




Somewhere along the way to Bondi Beach along the cliffs

{oh! to just relax on a rock with a view like that!}
Somewhere along the way back towards Coogee beach along the cliffs
{How cute is this older couple doing their stretches?}

{Spot the guy having alone time, laxed on the edge}

{yes haunting isn't it? But you should know that all those that have been laid to rest there have THE BEST view of the Tasman sea. The location along the cliff is AMAZE}

Fun fact and random segway, but did you know there is an Island just off the Coogee beach coastline called "Wedding Cake Island"? hah!

Obviously these aren't the only beaches to consider living by in Sydney, but it's a good starting point to search. Wish us luck on finding a nice place by the beach, where I'll be sure to share posts about beach side living in the future :)

{Mr Lee contemplating life? hehe}


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  1. Or is Mr Lee contemplating jumping haha! Finding a place along the eastcoast is now firmly on our to do list I reckon, exciting times!


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