March 21, 2013

Postcard from Hyams beach & a lil town called Berry

While we were in Jervis Bay last weekend, we made an arvo trip to Hyams beach (I still have difficulty pronouncing and spelling this...sounds like something rude haha). This beach had the squeakiest whitest sand with beautiful crystal blue waters. I'm now sitting here feeling a bit sad that the days are getting darker, quicker, and the temperatures are getting chillier... for longer.

{A bit of a fright there from the cold water... was only cold for 2 seconds :)}

On our way to Jervis Bay we passed through a town called Berry and thought to ourselves that we definitely should stop off to visit the place on the trip back home. This is quite the quaint little pass-through of a town, and apart from Hunter Valley, Port Douglas and Margaret River, is probably one of Mr Lee and I's first little walk-about in a small Aussie town. So I thought I'd share a few photos from the good ol' smartphone.

{Beautiful gift shops and stores with lovely shop fronts lined the streets}

{Sweets galore. Hello?! Categorised aisles of candy!...ah bless, speaks to my heart}
{The coolest tea and cake shop with oodles of tea and tea party goodies}

{Check out that perfectly shaped thickness of the cake icing!}

{Loving the Mr T portrait on the Tea & Cake themed wall!}

The famous Berry Donut shop was a must visit. It delivered quite the treat with a lovely crunchy sugar cinnamon exterior, with a melt-in-your-mouth interior. One of my friends said they used to be even better back in the day, but I still loved it...forfeiting half my hot-dog lunch to try the Donut first, before it went cold :)
{Look how happy he is to stand outside this van}

{And of course a bit of crafty shopping along the way}

Mr Alexander Berry was quite the voyager and hero, bringing provisions to Fiji, NZ and Australia, whilst rescuing a few survivors of battles. He and his family became quite prominent landowners around NSW too. With so many little pit stop shops along the streets, it's no wonder so many people pull over to take a gander. I hear rumours that an overpass will be built to relieve the  build up of traffic that passes through this town. If this threatens the shops that line the streets, that would be a real shame.
Hope to share some more travel-ly type posts in the future!

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  1. Oh Memories... I loved Jervis Bay, Hyams beach and those very famous donuts!!

    Glad you had a good time! Gorgeous pics my lovely xx


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