March 31, 2013

Foccacia bread two ways - Traditional & Decadent

For all you peeps that observe the Easter holidays, I hope you all had a great 4-day weekend, I certainly needed the break, and still relishing the idea of having the Monday off.
Judging from all my previous posts, you'd think all I like is sweet stuff, when in reality, when I snack, I tend towards the savoury! Chips, popcorn, soy crisps, olives, crusty bread with camembert.... bring it ON! Last year though, I noticed a slight correlation between stomach aches and after eating a hefty breakfast of my fave toast+vegemite+cold butter combo. I eliminated the vegemite and cold butter combo, and then later wondered if it was the bread I was eating. I culled out bread altogether for a couple of weeks, when I tried out the James Duigan clean and lean diet and noticed no stomach aches, so this drove me to do some tests of elimination. 
After trialing with many bread types such as Kamut bread, wholegrain/rye/the lot, gluten free, and preservative free... I soon realised that the bread we would normally reach for, was loaded with preservatives, and thus, led to my upset tummies. These days, I stick to breads that are either preservative free or with as little unnatural ingredients as possible. It's weird...but it's only since I've gotten older that I've paid more careful attention to all the chemical ingredients that are in our food... the less of it the better I think. So in an effort to take control of what goes into our diets at home (and eating in a more natural way), I tried my hand at making my own bread... in a tasty way!

Foccacia bread two ways;

Rosemary with Sea salt and,

Thyme with Truffle salt

I followed Lorraine Pascale's recipe here, and added an additional flavour that was a bit more decadent. I'm sure you can change up the size of this slab and make mini Focaccias, or how about a Parmessan and Chilli flakes Focaccia? That's going to be my next one!
Serve with your fave cheeses and cold cuts or try with smoked salmon and a dollop of creme fraiche mixed with creamed horseradish. Or just simply eat with a drizzle of olive oil... crunchy outside with a pillowy light centre within :)

I ate a couple of pieces late last night after it came out of the oven... no stomach bloats or aches to report in the morning :) If you're ever skeptical about what goes in your bought breads...why not try making it yourself?

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  1. oh wow, this looks delicious. i especially love how you put the herbs into the dough standing up, it makes it look so cute. i've never tried to make my own bread, is it hard?

    love, moon
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    1. Thanks Julie! I always dreamed of making bread, but always put it in the too hard basket until now. Definitely give this a go, this was DEAD EASY. Would be even easier with a standing mixer!...not that the 10-15mins of kneading was THAT much work ;) Do set aside about 1.5-2hrs though, because you have to wait a bit for the dough to rise before you can chuck it in the oven, good luck! X


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