March 25, 2013

Cooking in a mug.. Nutella Mug Cake!

Do any of you have those days where you come home and you just can't be bothered with pots and pans for dinner? Or you have had your dinner and you're feeling a need for sweetness to balance afterwards, but don't want the fuss of scales, measuring cups , whipping and baking?
I tried making this over the weekend... and guess what? it took me 4 minutes to prep and cook. NO KIDDING!

I followed this nicely documented recipe here and served with good Vanilla ice-cream. Just grab your ingredients and go! 2 minute of prep  and 1.5 minutes of micro-waving later..... BOOM.
This Nutella mug cake is an easy recipe to remember (tablespoons of self-raising flour, sugar, cocoa, Nutella, vegetable oil, milk and 1 egg - Update: depending on the size of your mug, just fill it with mixture that is about 1/2-3/4 way up the mug).  I can SOOOoooo imagine busy Mums (and Dads), those who have had long days at work, lazy folks etc, all giving this a go! I know many girls that would probably eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner hah!

For other mug recipes, savoury or sweet...served in a mason jar...a glass...or whatever ...see it all collated nicely here!

I don't always condone laziness, but with a busy week ahead at work I can see myself coming home to console myself with a Mug cake or two!


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