March 12, 2013

A bit of a techy number

For those that know me or have followed me on Instagram, you will know by now that I'm a bit of a social media and camera ho, ahem , junkie, I mean social media and photo taking enthusiast. Mr Lee thinks that my phone is engrained in my brain. But I can't help it. I chat a lot, and share a lot, and I like to be in the know... that's just who I am!
Early this year I transitioned from being primarily an apple user, to being an android user. Though I still maintain a connection with the apple world through my iPad mini, I was weary of what apps the android world could offer me. What was the equivalent of afterglow? Pic collage? Omg!
This weekend just been, I was honoured to not only be a part of my good friend's wedding, but I also got the opportunity to do makeup for the MOB and MOG (mothers of the bride and groom, for those of you thinking I did makeup on a gangster and a cat). You should've seen me... Making up, hairstyling, and running around doing bridesmaidly duties, whilst Instagram-ming and wedding party app uploading. At one point I was sitting in the makeup chair with the bride's phone as well as mine in hand, answering calls and uploading photos in the other. Being so on the go couldn't have been possible without the help of some of my fave photo apps.
So here are my frequently used apps on my phone / iPad... that lets me update and share in a breeze so that I can enjoy other things "in the moment":

Pixlr Express 

After being so used to using the Afterglow app on my iPhone, I found this app was not only great for using various filters, more than what is available on Instagram, but it also works likes a fast-using Adobe photoshop. Crop, brighten, saturate and even text overlay until your heart's content!
Available for the iPhone and Android phones! And bonus thing is that it's free!


Ever taken a pic on your normal phone camera, only to find that it doesn't fit the Instagram frame, so you get forced to choose to cut out a good portion of your original pic? Photogrid is perfect to not only help you collage multiple photos, choose various borders and text overlay, but it resizes singular photos with various cool Polaroid-like borders into the perfect Instagrammable square :)
Here, I turned this photo which was too wide for Instagram

To this

Available on android... But not too sure if its on the Apple store. Perhaps PicsGrid is the best equivalent? P.s. also free!


A lil before starting this blog, I was jotting down ideas in cute little paper notebooks, but what a difference Evernote has made with enabling me to save links, save photos, write notes, edit text and collating all these things into one "note". It even lets you save audio notes. Mr Lee had downloaded Evernote for me to use for our wedding planning... I so should have paid more attention instead of having several folders on my laptop!
Available on both Android and Apple

Wedding party 

Over the weekend, me and the other bridesmaids fully utilised this app to upload and share wedding prep pics, and it also allowed all guests to upload photos that they were taking, straight from their phones. This is especially great for the wedding couple that would like to keep all wedding photos in one single application before a mass facebook upload.
Available on both Android and Apple... And did I mention free?

Blog Go

A recent app that has assisted me in my on the go life, is BlogGo. I first stumbled upon Dana's website via Zoella when I was blog trawling like I normally do....
This app isn't yet available for androids, but I'm pretty sure it will be in the future

Visit for more info. The app perhaps needs some ironing out, with photo alignment and giving the ability to play with tags, spell check yada yada. However I think blogger restrictions are limiting the ability for it to be a supreme app for the moment. However if you had some quick words to share, this is a great app... I mean hey, I used it to publish this post :)

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