February 12, 2013

Turmeric tea for your funny (poochy) tummy

Ok, so there are times when you don't always feel pretty. One of those times are when your insides are feeling worse for wear. I love food like no other, but when I turned 25, a lil thing called bloat came along. Eating whatever foods I wanted sometimes later turned into a sore and squeamish tummy... i.e. poochy tummy, indigestion, stress tummy, need-to-lay-down-cos-I-feel-like-I'm-going-to-die tummy, etc etc you get it. The sore tummies that I saw my mum experience at times when I was young, (but never understood), soon became a reality for myself!

So then I put on my "Dr Mia" hat, and did a whole lot of self diagnosing by Googling the symptoms (it never is a totally good idea is it?), carb cutting, lactose reducing,testing different kinds of artisanal breads etc etc. I never saw an actual doctor or nutritionist about this (too scared, procrastinated...the usual), but I soon came to realise that after talking to many girlfriends and girl workmates, I'm not alone in this. Hey you dudes out there, it's not a girl fad! Allergies and intolerance to certain foods does happen to us women as we get older. For me, I eventually found that if I take things in moderation, like switching to soy lattes, eating foods with low to no preservatives, and taking up more exercise, any possible tummy aches are under control.
When Mr Lee and I were mini-mooning (lol...I mean mini-honeymooning) in Bali, we visited a coffee farm that had a very knowledgeable tour guide (smiliest guy on earth might I add!). Whilst educating us about coffee berries, he also showed us all the possibilities that other organic plants & herbs could offer and informed me that all women should drink Turmeric tea.
Turmeric, according to the friendly tour guide, is a natural antiseptic and apparently all Balinese women drink it once a day / night for their digestive health. I bought a packet of Turmeric tea from the farm to try and loved it. I'm not sure if its all in my mind, but I instantly feel calmer when drinking this tea and any signs of a "funny" tummy then calms down too!

After researching a bit on the properties of Turrmeric, "powerful anti-inflamatory", "liver detoxifier", "natural preventative of flu" and "skin healer" comes up in my search.

If any of you ladies get a funny tummy after eating or after a stressful time, why don't you try a cup of Turmeric tea? Gently simmer an inch of grated fresh Turmeric with a 1.5 cup of water, strain... and sweeten with honey :)
If anyone can find where there is a place to purchase Turmeric tea in Sydney, let me know!

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  1. Would that be the solution of all my Im-gonna-die tummy pains?!

    A very informative post my lovely, thanks for sharing xx

    1. I'm wondering if you're talking about those tummy pains that are caused by the "red devil" (hehe... ew #overshare)?... I wouldn't say it's 100% solution, but definately de-bloats and calms things down!

    2. Haha No, not those ones! I was talking about the I-can-eat-a-damm-thing-without-getting-a-sore-stomach kinda of pain.
      Let me know if you can find it online!xx

    3. I only know elimination of foods and relievers...another huge reliever is my trust wheatie heat pack :D

    4. Have you tried almond milk as an alternative to lactose? I swear by it!

    5. Yeh I have it with my cereal or sometimes tea :) it's not bad EY?

  2. usually related to wheat these days - ie any white bread, pasta... anything fun!
    try removing dairy and wheat for 2 weeks and see how you feel!

    1. yeh I've done that test too...and even gone onto Kamut bread, not bad, but expensive to keep up :P I've found that it's the preservatives in bread that kills me!
      Were you around when Xia and I did that 2 week clean and lean eating plan? Our tummies deflated after that number lol!


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