February 04, 2013

Roses are Red... Violets are blue...

So I thought what a great way to start my blog... in tribute to that wonderful lil thing that makes the world go around?

Showing appreciation for your loved ones should of course not be limited to Valentine's day, but its always a positive reminder to be thankful and to let all your loved ones know how happy they make you feel.
But it also doesn't necessarily mean feeling the need to use V day as a reason to go crazy extravagant on gift giving. How about this DIY idea?
I know since moving to Sydney, my skin needs a lot more exfoliation care after being tanned for a lot longer in the year...and also us girlies could definitely demo some TLC after putting our feet through such painful heights!

The original tutorial where I got this idea from was at The Beauty Department (link here!), however I spruced it up a lil by adding dried rose petals to the girlie formulation for added fragrance...and then dreamt up this lil peppermint number for the boys.
Did you know peppermint is good for muscular aches and rose oil is actually one of the best oils which can give you fresh and youthful skin with aroma that keeps you charged and feeling happy too!
How about trying other flavour combos like lemongrass and toasted coconut? lemon rind & lavender?
So go forth my pretties and try this out! I'm sure all your gfs/bfs (term used loosely here) would enjoy a good lil foot (or body wooOOOoo) scrubbie :)

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  1. Mia welcome in the blogsphere!! And what a wonderful first post!! Amazing job :)
    I cannot wait to read more and more - this is gonna be amazing!!

    Happy Monday my lovely xx

    1. Thanks lovely :) Can't wait to share some ideas with you!!! x

  2. Hi Maria!
    I was introduced to your lovely blog by sweet Emma! Great inspirations, be sure to have a new follower, Would like to Invite You to meet my space as well and hope You will enjoy it!

    Wish You all the success!
    http://cottoncandy- peaches.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks Aida...sorry I didn't see your comment until now! Thanks for your lovely comments :) Will definitely have to check out your blog too! X


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