February 09, 2013

Ooh la la Granita!

Hey peeps! We finally got a break from the horrendous rain that traveled down from QLD, and welcomed a "just right" bit of summery heat this week in Sydney. To cool off in such weather,  I usually love me some "Calippo" goodness from the local dairy (that's a mini-mart or 7/11 or tuck shop to you Aussies ;) )... and I also love me some gelato.
But sometimes something that is creamy AND refreshing just hits the spot. So instead of running to get a "Splice", I thought I'd try make this ...
This takes 4 hours to freeze up, but if you want something homemade, it really only takes 10 -15 mins to whizz up and requires no churning so you don't have to think about it whilst its in the freezer. Mmmm creamy, summery strawberry goodness. Click here for the recipe via Giada de Laurentis from the Food Network

It can be such a pretty and easy entertaining dessert for a dinner party too! Presentation is simple. Just flake it up with a fork, scoop into a margarita glass like I did or to have smaller portions, try serving in old fashioned champagne glasses or beautiful Turkish glass cups.
Are you lactose intolerant or have lactose intolerant guests? Don't fret! Omit the marscapone and add a 3/4 cup of some other berry like raspberries. OR...
Try this non-lactose Granita! Refreshing & delish! It's even better after I threw in a shot of barcardi* in the mix :)

Recipe via What Katie Ate here
Enjoy peeps! Happy weekend!
{can anyone spot me (i.e. my legs) in this last pic? HAHA}
* adding a shot (or two) of Bacardi white rum will make your granita a lil slushier...ah well ...you just have to gobble it quick :)

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  1. Looks amazing ..! Photos are stunning!

    Can spot you on last pic but in second one too! xx


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