February 17, 2013

Luscious locks

Beautiful Hair.... I die for it!
Kate Beckinsale's luscious locks are just too good to be true.

With extensions or not, it's still nice to dream of attaining locks that are strong and voluminous :)

I've been taking some hair, nails & skin multi vitamin supplements for the past 6 months, in the hopes of some shiny peace of hair heaven myself. Whilst it helped to grow my hair long for my wedding, it hasn't quite reached that voluminous dream state.
How do you revitalise and feed your locks? Regular mask treatments? Krill Oil? Argan Oil? Eggwhites?
I would love to know!

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  1. Hi Maria, great food on your blog by the way! Your hair looks fab in this last picture, what did you take and what did you do?!

    1. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and the compliments :)! I took (and still take) SWISSE Hair Skin Nails supplements (see here: http://www.swisse.com/au/vitamins-and-supplements/body-beauty). And for the last pic, I wrapped random slices of my hair using a 1.5" curling iron, spritzed with L'oreal Elnett and combed out the curls slightly for more volume. I finished the hair with a spray all over with TIGI Bedhead Headrush Shine spray :)
      Every now and then I'll put the ends of my strands in a Redken Allsoft heavy cream hair mask! X


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